This page is for men who have not visited a Sydney Brothel before.  It is good to make yourself familiar with what is considered acceptable behavior and conduct when visiting one.


Here are some important things to know:


Do Some Homework on The Website of Brothel You want To Visit


Take some time and get familiar the brothel you want to visit, their rules and the ladies featured. It will save you time when you arrive to know who you are wanting to book and what they offer.


Respectful Behaviour Is Essential At Any Brothel


If you are rude, crude, condescending, racist, threatening or ask unacceptable personal questions and show the staff lack of respect, you can be assured you will be asked to leave. Each establishment has the safety of their staff and patrons foremost in their minds and unacceptable behavior is not tolerated.


First Time Visitor To A Brothel


It is a good idea to mention if it is your first time to a brothel so you can be explained how your visit is going to flow.  Staff is respectful of ‘first visit’ nerves and staff will take good care of you if they are aware of this.





There is a saying, what happens at the brothel, stays at the brothel. Generally, staff at brothels are bound by confidentiality agreements so confidentiality is assured.  However, it is important that you show the same respect of confidentiality of the privacy of brothel staff or you may find yourself banned from returning!





Most brothels require a good standard of dress for those vising their Club.




Along with good attire, cleanliness is also required and all patrons are normally asked to take a shower prior to a booking.



Follow The House Rules


It is important that you follow the guidance of staff relating to the house rules. There are good reasons you will be asked to do things that may not be apparent to you.


By way of example, a licensed brothel is required by law to not serve intoxicated persons on their premises as well as only allowing persons over 18 years to be present during hours of trade.





It is ok to tip, especially if the lady booked has gone to great lengths to ensure you had a great experience.


Don’t Try and Visit If You Are Under 18 Years Old


Most brothels have a license that requires patrons to be 18 years or older. If you look younger than your age then take proof of age ID with you.


Yes couples Are welcome At Most Brothels


Most brothels welcome entertaining couples at their establishments. It will pay to check with the brothel before you visit if they are ‘couple friendly’


Yes ladies welcome

Most brothels welcome entertaining ladies at their establishments. It will pay to check with the brothel before you visit if they are ‘couple friendly’


Be Familiar With What Brothels Offer

All brothels and ladies offer different services, it is why we recommend you refer to their profiles on the brothel’s website. You can ask the receptionist on arriving or ask the lady when you meet prior to the booking.


Do I have to pay to come inside ?

No, you are more than welcome to come, have a soft drink or water and talk more with us.


How do I pay ?

Cash, debit, Visa and Master cards and internet transfer are all acceptable. With internet transfers we require a print off of verified transfer. A discrete billing name is used when using credit or eftpos cards.

What can I expect when I Visit a Brothel?

You will be taken to a private lounge area by one of the reception staff and she will talk you through what you are wanting and suggest the best selection of ladies for you to choose from. After paying, you can ask to go directly to one of the rooms if you prefer to meet the ladies there.


Should I Pre-book My Selected Lady

It’s preferable to pre-book your selected lady from the website to avoid disappointment.


Can I Just Rent A Room With My Partner?

Yes at most establishments you can and some have regular couples do just that on a regular basis.


Is It Clean and Safe ?

The brothel licence requires that patron’s safety is assured and the premises are kept in first class order.


Do the girls have health checks?

All women are required to provide a health certificate every 6-8 weeks. Brothels do not promote unsafe sexual practices and advise clients not to seek or ask for any unsafe sexual practices.

Some brothel’s have the ladies trained in doing health checks on clients before any play is commenced.


Do Brothel Ladies Do Outcalls ?

It varies from brothel to brothel so you will need to check the website or contact their reception