Kings Court Massage – 261 Broadway Road Glebe


Open 24 Hours


1 Hour Massage $175
3/4 Hour Massage $155
1/2 Hour Massage $130
Spa (with the lady) $35 +15 mins


261 Broadway Road Glebe NSW


02 9660 0666





kings court brothel






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  1. ben says:

    When i met big john, he was an obese and racist man. Clearly a waste of my time

  2. Bianca says:

    Genuine clients are probably not all that interested in meeting Big John anyway, and the unfortunate fact is that most patrons only meet him when they’ve disrespected the ladies.

  3. Mark S says:

    Pure Luxury is a visit to Kings Court Massage. I had no idea that there was a place like this until a good mate of mine suggested I should check it out. He said that I should ask for Mia, who was one of his favorites.

    Mia was a true pleasure to spend time with; this spunky Korean girl with perfect English blew my mind with her gentle hands and friendly smile. I can say that she knows what she is doing when it comes to pleasing a man.

    I have now been to Kings Court Massage a few times now, enjoying the talent of a range of girls Imogen; a slim and busty blonde English rose, Nina; a glamorous Puerto Rican with caramel skin and spicy personality and Mariko; a tiny and stunning busty Japanese geisha with magic hands, just to name a few.

    Every girl I have tired has her own style and personality. The girls at Kings Court seam to love what they do; there is a genuine open and carefree air about the place. I have always left with a smile on my face and a spring in my step.

    As a middle-aged family man looking for a little harmless fun I have found Kings Court Massage, was well worth a visit. It has added that little extra bit of spice to my life and I’m always looking forward to the next opportunity I have to visit. It even seams to have improved my home life too.

    If you have ever wondered what it might like to have a little extra excitement in your life then I suggest you drop by Kings Court some time and let one of the girls there lighten your load, I can guarantee you won’t regret it.

  4. Ed says:

    ***DO NOT COME HERE***
    They rort your money and will assault you if you complain!
    I decided to try this place because I had heard they were quite popular. The first thing which disappointed me was the quality of girls. They had quite a few available (no surprise in hindsight). You can choose from:
    -Fat girls with an acceptable face
    -Flat girls with an acceptable face
    -Paperbag girls with an acceptable body

    I requested a 30 minute massage and the lady at the front convinced me to add on a 15 min spa for $35. So I did the hygenic thing and showered before I got into the spa, expecting the girl do the same – nope. She undressed to reveal what I can only describe as rolls of fat and jumped straight in. The thought of other mens semen on her rolls of fat instantly jumped into my mind as she got in and displaced half the water in spa.
    They served me champagne which was perhaps the only thing I enjoyed at this joint. I thought I might have trouble finishing with a 30min massage from this girl but she had decent b00bs so maybe 45min might do the trick. Besides, it’s only an extra $25. So I called up the lady and gave her my card only to find out she charged me an extra $45. But I didn’t want to kill the already dying mood so I didn’t complain.
    We sat and chatted in the spa expecting the girls to tell me when the spa time was up – they did not. 30min had passed until I decided to take matters into my own hands and I asked “are we going to have this massage?”
    “we’ll go in 4min” she responded.
    At this stage I wasn’t sure if they just wanted to spend more time with us and were still going to give us the full 45min massage. After another 10min I thought better not take the risk as I really wanted the full massage – I had to almost force the ladies into the massage room.
    The massage was weak and I think a massage from my mother would probably have been more erotic.
    After 5min of back touching she muttered “we’re out of time so I’m going to need you to turn over”. Needless to say, she had failed to get my d1ck hard and was attempting to jerk off my unimpressed pen1s.
    Not only had she failed to give me an erection (and trust me, I have no issues here), I only had 5min of massage when I clearly paid for 45min. She had wasted my time in the spa. In fact, even adding the spa time I did not get what I paid for!
    I went downstairs to complain, and as I did so, this large (clearly obese) man swung his arm at my face! If I wasn’t so embarassed at the situation I would have called the police.
    In the end, I went to different massage palour where I was greeted by a beautiful asian woman who had breasts comparable to Pamela Anderson. She gave me an amazing massage in a room with mirrors so I could constantly see both her t1ts and @ss at the time. I was rock hard in minutes and creamed so joyfully it covered her face.
    NEVER EVER go to Kings Court!!! There are better places out there!


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