Breathless – 87 Henry St Penrith Brothel


Rear access (L1)


30 mins: $100
45 mins: $150
60 mins: $180


87 Henry St Penrith NSW 2750


02 4732 4653





penrith brothel

brothel penrith

breathless penrith




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  1. bill says:

    Photos of girls on website are old or too flattering of the real deal. They have a sex swing in one of the rooms.

  2. celestialgirl says:

    he pics of the girls were ripped off other sites with no regard to ownership or copywrite infringement. The nasty female owner(yasmine) paid sdome dodgy chinese dude over $1000 for the website and he put up photos that still had the copywrite stamp on them!!! She had to be told by the girls that this was unacceptable but intead of doing it properly, she just had them cropped so the original business name couldnt be seen! So of course they are nothing like the real thing- if you as customers are disapointed, think how outraged the girls must be. So if you recognise any of the pics as your work or know who they belong to, let them know that the owner of breathless stole (knowingly) from them. Copywrite infringement is a serious crime

  3. celestial.girl says:

    Celeste and Kylie, formally of Breathless are now working privately and can be contacted at 0402 819 748.
    Thanks Guys.


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