Enjoy Massage Sydney | 8/450 Elizabeth St Surry Hills

Shop 8/450 elizabeth st surry hills (entry brumby st)our shop has Rear Door.  Very private!!!

Enjoy Massage Sydney Business hours: Open 7 day (open all public holiday ) 10am -8pm (last booking 8pm)
Special for booking:

Easy Parking: If you come by train, only 3 min from Central station. If you drive, you can car parking on the street free.
(cash only, but get one ATM at our building)
Do you need relaxation? We offer Sensual, Full Body, Remedial and Clients always are our first concern.

Our masseuses are good manners and well-trained.











Business hours:

Open 7 day (open all public holiday )
10am -8pm (last booking 8pm)


Full Body Oil Massage

30min $40
45min $55
60min $65
90min $105

Double Massage

30min $80
45min $110
60min $130


8/450 Elizabeth Street Surry Hills


0291881823 or 0406021885





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  1. Steve says:

    Good morning.Is sex included in the price.

    1. Fatty V says:

      Hi there , i shouldnt be tellin u my secret but its too good to miss… I am a fairly tall well built solid set Ausie guy ex rugby front rower so u get the jist of the size of me to any of these short tiny lil petite asian girls girls looking no older than a young school girl :-/
      I went in with intension they would tell me to fuck off n shit attitudes but we are all mistaken i tell u guys??? Every one of these girls eyes lit up when i walked in and kept being cheeky bout my size and saying how much asain women love big strong men looking down at my crutch and not hiding the fact either , more liking the fact i am catching them staring at my nicely proportioned filled out crutch of my skinny jeams really getting into it which is making me a lil excited n buldge almost double the size now and only 20% chubbed lol

      Cut my story short i had both girls available for two hours so shop shut when i booked 😉
      I barely stepped in to room and my zip was down with these cold tiny hands lightly fonding my cock trying to free him out the zip but afrer fondling of that sort no chance and she rsalised quick in wripped my jens off letting my now 3/4 hard fat one flop out in eagerness to see her n her friend go silent for 5 mins while they floppped him tound a touch and repeated over n over how big n fat it is cause i was …. !! very hard …!!!! Lol haha
      So i see now what they are saying , as they both almost left half the sheet wet from the cunts dripping so hard when they stroked it at first and played with me for good 10 mins hahaha
      So i cut to the chase n i say i will stretch u both very much u know , one at a time i promise !!!
      I will make u both of you cum on my cock and when u feel that u will never forget it xxx

      They both giggled in a shy manner but almost came off hearing me say that so now i have them dtipping like crazy as i straddle there bare lil cunts on my massive cock head and dominaty but smoothly ripped them open as i entered them head first and let them get an idea of whats in store with both letting out a nice hot loud cry in pleasure that all within a block of my joint hears , follwed by them stroking my arm n chest n moaning with every inch i gave thrm BB mind u no quedtions asked, so as i was going to really let go when i did and told them both to pull there cheeks apart to cop a big fat cock head up it and no wuestiona asked …. Yes sir is all i heard n i destroyed both tiny virgin ass holes insync while they cried and yelped but took it well all the time never taking there eyes off mine looking back at me in doggy for every stroke i gave them from peertration to cannon shot …. Only went the once dont know there names but they love cock whether they are posh or not mate 😉 give them one and they will do as they are told bud xx
      Grest girls x

  2. Daniel says:

    Wondering if I can book for an hour.
    First half an hour 1 girl second half have to girls? If so how much.
    Are they nude massages?


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